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Below are some frequently asked questions about the Music Production services I offer.
I've attempted to answer the most important questions that are commonly asked, so any information you need about this service should be found here.
However, If you still have additional questions, please Contact Me Here and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

What Software do you use to produce music with?

I’m currently using the Logic Pro X Package (Including Garage Band) to Produce, Mix and Master music with.

Where is your home studio based?

My studio is located around Bedfordshire, UK. For exact details, please get in contact to discuss Recording Projects.

What kind of music do you create?

I produce Electronic Music, making use of Synthesis and Sampling. I make music mainly within the Urban and Electronic Genres, but I am also skilled at making music in other genres such as Orchestra. Check out my Music Page where you can listen to the kind of music I make, and read my Bio in the About Me Page to learn more about my musical influences.

What instruments do you play?

I'm am a keyboard player and I can also play the drums, with a good feeling naturally for rhythm and beats.

I have over 7 years' experience in writing and producing modern music. 

What do you charge for your Services?

You can review the pricing tables for all of the services I offer. Click Here for Music Production Services, and Here for Recording & Audio Engineering Services.

Is all your music original?

Yes. All of the musical ideas I produce are composed by me. I am able to sample music too, as part of an effect or a remix.

How quickly can you produce my project?

Depending on the scope of your project, I aim to have it completed within 2 days.
If the project includes lots of Mixing, Mastering and additional Editing, it may take a little longer, but no longer than 5 days.

What if I want something edited or changed within the production?

It’s important to me that your production is mixed, mastered and edited to high standards.
For that reason, I offer re-edits with each service. Depending on the service you need, each one has a number of re-edits available as part of that offer. You can find more details on the Music Services Page.
I also offer a Production Services Guarantee, which you can find Here.

Do I need to prepare anything to help you make my project run smoother?

Depending on which service you need, there are a couple of things to consider:
Music Production Services: If I am producing an Instrumental Beat for you, please share any links or references that will inspire ideas for producing the right music for your project.
If it is a Soundtrack, please share any videos, media, or other related content that is relevant to the production.
Recording Services: If you are coming to Record Vocals for your project, it will be to your advantage to prepare a few things before you attend the studio;
  • Have your material well-rehearsed for better quality recording takes, and less time spent editing and re-editing.
  • Bring refreshments to stay energised.
  • Bring your digital equipment; Phone Charger, USB Stick, Hard Drive etc.
  • Attend as early as possible if you can, however we will always discuss a suitable time for your schedule.
  • Make necessary travel arrangements. I will disclose the location of my studio with you once we've confirmed all of the details for your project. But please consider how you intend to arrive, as you'll need to think about parking, or using public transport. We'll discuss this more in person.

What legal stuff should I know about?

This will be a basic guideline only, but I highly recommend that you do some research into Music Rights if you want to progress your project further, particularly for profitable gains.
Where material is produced for your project by Mesh Music, Mesh Music remains the Intellectual Property Rights owner of that material, unless explicitly stated otherwise, usually in a contract or an agreement.

For example: When an Instrumental Beat or a Soundtrack is Produced for you, or any Recording or Writing that includes the Intellectual Property of Mesh Music, there are a few things to consider.
Depending on what the Production is for, and how you intend to progress with it, we will negotiate the licence terms for either a Lease, Sync, or the Exclusive Ownership Rights to the Production or Recording.
This usually applies to projects where Original Music is being used, (Produced by Mesh Music) and the aim of your project is to generate profits or income.
In any case, we will always discuss our Rights during the mutual agreement of a contract, and it need not be complicated.
To give you some more reference, it might be helpful to understand these concepts:
Exclusive Rights: Where you own the Intellectual Property Rights to the production.
Lease Rights: Where you buy or Rent the Production with limited permissions in place.
Another way to put is:
Non Profit use: If you are just making music and want to get yourself out there as a musician, or need music production for a media project like a video or any type of digital media content.
Profitable use: If you will also be using the music in the project to generate revenue from any kind of Streams, Broadcasts, Sales or Performances. This is normally where Music Rights comes in to play.
If you still have questions please Contact Me Here, and I’ll be happy to answer to them for you.
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