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My musical interests began from early childhood. Both of my parents were musicians; a Singer/Songwriter and a Drummer,
so I was bound to pick up music somewhere along the line...

From an early age I heard the sounds of Popular genres - Soul, R&B, Reggae and Dance Music (80's - 90's), especially those Artists such as Michael Jackson, and Toni Braxton.

As a kid growing up, I pretty much figured out the basics of how to use Electric Keyboards, (such as Yamaha and Roland instruments) and used to enjoy making up my own rhythms and melodies to Bop too! 

MeshMusic Oldskool
Later on (Emerging in the 2000's), I would discover the sounds of most US & UK Urban Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, UK Grime, and Electronic Dance.
Pioneers such as Tupac, Eminem and Dr Dre, as well as the UK's Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and The Streets, all inspired my musical awareness, and what was possible in new music styles emerging at the time.

During my Secondary School years I began playing the Drums, and was also fortunate to be introduced to Modern Music Production techniques, including Sampling and creating music Digitally.

Around the same time I started writing Lyrics, and eventually creating my own Instrumental Beats to Perform on.


As I progressed, I decided that I would take Music Production more seriously, so then began immersing myself into the craft. 


Mastering the basics, I then began focus on building a Home Project Studio, whilst teaching myself how to play the Piano and developing my Music and Song Writing Skills further.

Mesh Music Studio
​Finally it was time to take music to the next level, so I attended Bedford College to study formally. I successfully Graduated for Distinction in 2014, earning a Diploma in Advanced Music Production.


From there I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to learn from some of the best industry-standard tutors in the UK, including Steve V ( who taught me more about Advanced Production and Modern Music Writing Techniques.

Since finishing College, I have been steadily building my music skills, presence and portfolio. I've also had the opportunity of working with several of Bedford’s local Artists, as well as assisting with, and providing Audio Production especially for Bedford’s local radio station - In2Beats, 106.5 FM.  

I would now describe my Production Style as Versatile, inspired by the Quality, and the Creative Techniques used in Urban & Electronic genres. I'm Inspired by Soul and Ambience, and I like to incorporate the Feeling and Texture of these sounds within my own Productions. 


Though as a Musician I can now appreciate most Music styles, from Rock to Classical or Jazz & Blues, I enjoy challenging myself to music mastery and working in different genres, including Orchestral-style Music.

Just getting warmed up...




In2beats FM have had the pleasure of working with Mesh Music UK on several occasions between 2013-2018. Most recently Mesh made some Jingles which have been played on our lively Music Radio Station In2beats 106.5FM in Bedford during the day and night. We can endorse his Creative Research and Production skills. Mesh Music is a strong communicator and has an ear for music.


Mesh Music UK continues to deliver a good quality service and product with his production needs. I use his services time and time again when getting Custom made Tags, Intros and Mixing Services for my Mixtapes and Bootlegs. If you need something done quickly and professionally, Mesh Music UK is definitely the guy to sort you out!

NATURAL VYBEZ, MC, Poet, Recording Artist (Spoken Word)

I had the privilege of working with Mesh Music UK during the lockdown period in 2021, when I decided to record some spoken word poetry.


From the outset, I was very impressed with Mesh's musical ability to identify the right compositions to complement the vocals, and his willingness to infuse Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz Tracks with his own unique signature. 


Mesh Music UK was a joy to work with and so receptive to feedback and requirements to make certain tweaks to the final arrangement.


I am already looking forward to working with Mesh Music UK again, and I would highly recommend his qualities in helping any one bring their musical ideas to life.


Natural Vybez 

KING ASLAN, Rapper & Recording Artist

MESH MUSIC UK is not your everyday, average Music Producer.... N.O. Just the opposite. I'm from the U.S. and I worked with many All around the world, but my man MESH Stands OUT & MOS DEF HIGH UP THERE REALLY. Get your music done here & now, cuz in a few, you just might not going to be able to do so, when MESH moves UP & expands, & has others working for him, he'll be too busy, to do work for individuals like us then. So do yourself a Favor, jump on it and you will benefit from MESH MUSIC. HE IS HERE 2 STAY. Cuz he is 💯👊. Here's my Style of RAP 4 THE NBA PLAYOFFS PLEASE LIKE IT 👊

DAMIEN 'D' SMOKES, MC & Recording Artist

It’s been an absolute quality experience working with Mesh Music UK. Not only am I a genuine fan of his music, he also feels an equal level of investment in my projects. Look forward to many more projects coming up.

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