Here you can find demonstrations of my Services, provided for Local Recording Artists, DJ's & Radio, and T.V. Music Production. Scroll Down for more examples of previous work.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Projects

I support local and up-and-coming artists with their music projects by providing a Recording Space with additional Mixing and Mastering. Artists include local Rappers, Singers and Vocalists from Bedfordshire.

Recording Project - JaXion - Rapper/Singer Song Writer 

Summer Time Stories - JaXion
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Recording Project - Damien "D - Smokes" Rapper

Concerete Jungle - Damien Smokes
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Recording, Mixing & Mastering  - Before / After Mixing & Mastering

Before and After Mixing / Mastering - Examples
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Both Instrumental Beats in This Recording Are Produced by 'L&L (Soundslammer)'

In2Beats FM Bedford Local Radio Station

Providing Production Support, and branded jingles for the station and its DJ's, including one of its commercial clients, Bedford Borough Council.

In2Beats FM, Station Brand Identity Tag

Station Branded Ident Tag - In2Beats 106.5 FM
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In2Beats FM, DJ Jingle Tag

In2Beats FM DJ Personality Jingle - Leigh Da Flava
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Bedford Borough Council: River Festival 40th Anniversary Notice: (In2Beats FM Client)

Bedford River Festival 40th Anniversary Notice - 2018
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The Great Reset
Major Album release of my latest work, providing Audio Recording & Music Production for Bedfordshire Artist; Natural Vybez.
Iconic Rides
Below is an example of the kind of work I create for T.V. Music Production. This clip excerpt is for demo purposes only.
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