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Privacy Policy

Data Collection & Privacy Notice
When you contact Mesh Music UK through use of the Contact Form, or the Subscription Form, you may be asked to leave some basic contact details, such as your Name, Contact Number and your Email Address.
Where you contact Mesh Music UK, your details may be electronically recorded and stored as Contact Information in Contact Databases such as a Mobile Phone, Email and Data Storage Devices or Software. 
Please also note that this Website is hosted by the platform. provides the online platform that allows to market its products and services to you. Your data may also be stored through’s Data Storage, Databases and the general Applications. They may store your data on their secure servers as part of the interaction process when you make contact through use of the Contact Form on this Website. If you have any questions or concerns about this, you may also contact directly.
These details are necessary to provide you with the best possible service and are only used for the purpose of contacting you to provide you with Services related to this Website.
Mesh Music UK will always ask for your permission to contact you for any other purpose.
Your details will be kept confidential and will NOT be shared or made available to any other party under any circumstance.
In the unlikely event that a 3rd Party requests information about your personal details, Mesh Music UK will always contact you first to inform you about a request for your information.
Mesh Music UK may contact you using any of the details that you provide via your preferred method. You will only be contacted for reasons related to this Service, such as in response to any requests, or to follow up necessary lines of inquiry in relation to this Service.
If you would like to discontinue contact with Mesh Music UK and have your details removed, simply make a request via the Contact Me page, and your details will be removed from any Storage Device or Email Database immediately.

Cookie Notice

As is the Website Host Provider for this Website, the service (which includes this Website) may require the use of Cookies on your device or browser for this website to function. The types of Cookies used as part of the Hosting may vary and depend on the services used. This Website may also include the use of 3rd Party Cookies such as Analytics, Statistics and Page Measurement.
Please see below for a description of the Type of Cookie used by this Website, as part of the hosting offered by
Wix Cookie.png
You can access the Cookie options in your Browser’s Settings to find out more information about them, and control their use on your device.

For more information about these Cookies, you can also contact here:

Privacy Policy Updates
Mesh Music UK reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so be sure to check it frequently. Changes will take effect immediately upon being posted on this Website. If material changes are made to this Policy, you will be notified as to what has been updated, and made aware of what information is collected, how it is used, and under what circumstances, if any, Mesh Music UK uses and/or discloses it. 
If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you can contact Mesh Music UK Here, and you may also contact for additional information about how may use data collected through the provision of the applications used on this Website.
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