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Production Services Guarantee

It’s important to me that the quality of your production meets, and exceeds the high standard that you require from it.
For that reason, I am offering you a Guarantee on all of the services I offer:
If after all the work is complete, and you are unhappy with the final Production, or Engineering Services that you received for your project, after any and all reasonable attempts to correct, edit, or rectify those parts you found unsatisfactory, I will refund you the full amount of costs paid for on that service.
Do note that in a case where a refund for Production Services are paid, The Intellectual Property Rights of all Recordings, Music, and Audio that were transferred to you during the course of the project agreement, will be automatically restored back to Mesh Music UK.
This means that you automatically forfeit all Permissions and License Rights for that Intellectual Property; Mesh Music UK is restored as the Owner of any Intellectual Property transferred to you prior.
​Any Digital or Physical Copies of the Music Production still in your possession will immediately fall under the Rights of the Copyright Terms found on this website, as Seen Here.

However, I am confident that you will be happy with the results of this Production Service, and it is my pleasure to provide only quality results.

If you have any questions please Contact Me Here and I will be happy to help you.

Thank you,

​Mesh Music UK
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