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Terms & Conditions

Use of This Website
This Website aims to provide the best possible Music Production Services and provide reasonable Terms & Conditions that enables this to happen. To ensure this, the following will set out the Terms & Conditions for your use of both this Website, and the Services herein offered by Mesh Music. By using this Website and its Services, you agree to observe, and follow these terms.
Violating any of these terms may result in the offer of these Services being denied to you, and necessary action being taken against you, as it relates to a violation of any of the Policies, Terms and / or Conditions found on this Website.
Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. If there is something that you do not understand within these Terms & Conditions, Contact Mesh Music Here.
By using this website, you agree:
1. You have any necessary permissions, privileges and rights of access.
2. That you are accessing and using this Website in a correct and appropriate way, as governed by all necessary parties and/ or technologies, including by state laws, regulations and policies.

3. You will adhere to the Policies, Terms, Regulations and Conditions set out in this Policy in its entirety, including (where stated) Policies, Terms and Conditions related to other parties, entities or subjects mentioned on this Website.

Third Party Links
On occasion, links to third party websites are also included on this Website. Where a link is provided, you agree to proceed with discretion and review any necessary Policy Information found on the 3rd party’s website. Mesh Music will not be held responsible for any liability that proceeds from your access and / or use of a 3rd party website.

Beats Store Landing Page

The Beat Store landing page found on this Website contains links to an external payment processing website called is a storefront website where Instrumental Beats available for sale here, are purchased through the Site's Secure Payment Process, completing the Checkout Process.
For more information about PayHip, go to:

The Mesh Music Website
This Website and its subsequent pages are designed and managed by Mesh Music UK. are the Website Service Provider for this Website, and they provide the technical means to publish and display this Website and its related pages.
Where are the providers of the service which means this Website can run, Mesh Music may at times be limited as to how much information is displayed in this Website's Policy and Terms & Conditions, as they relate to the use and functionality of this Website. This limitation may also affect some of your rights as they relate to some of the Terms and Conditions found (or as and when stated, not found) in this Policy.
If you have any questions or concerns you can also contact via their main Website, and they will be obliged to provide you with any information not found in this Policy (and its related counterparts), as a result of any technical or operating limitation between, and its service provider,

Who is Mesh Music?
Mesh Music (UK) is a Music Producer, who offers specialist Music Production & Audio Editing / Engineering Services. Mesh Music is the operating Brand Name used by the Author of this Website, and the provider of the Services and Products offered herein. Mesh Music (UK) is based in Bedfordshire, Bedford, United Kingdom.
Throughout this Website's Policy, Terms & Conditions, and where the term, or “name” 'Mesh Music, MeshMusicUK', etc. is used, it will also function as the identity of the website’s Author, and Service Provider.
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