Use of Service Agreement

Terms & Conditions


Following is an outline of this Service's Process, and the Conditions that come into effect when you proceed to commit with a Request of Service(s) from Mesh Music:

1. You will contact Mesh Music via the contact details and methods available on this Website.

2. You will give a clear description of the Service(s) that you require, including any specific information that you believe is important to fulfil the Service to its fullest extent.

3. Mesh Music will provide a response to your request (Within 24 Hours), and where necessary, suggest other Services that may be (more) beneficial to you based on your request.


4. When you commit to a Service that is offered, and agreed on by Mesh Music, a “Terms of Service Conditions” will be negotiated and agreed upon between you and Mesh Music. This Agreement will also serve as a “Written or Verbal Contract of Services”, which will include any negotiable Terms agreed upon and confirmed by you and Mesh Music mutually.



5. Upon agreement, both you and Mesh Music promise to fulfil their contractual part of the mutual agreement, and promise to deliver on their part any (but not restricted to) of the following:


  • Information and Descriptions

  • References and Links relevant to the required Service(s)

  • Delivery or Transfer of Services and Products

  • Payments & Agreed Fees


Payment Terms & Conditions


Upon agreement of Services, the Terms & Conditions for Fees, Payment Methods and Amounts will then be negotiated between you and Mesh Music.




Mesh Music currently offers fixed and flexible pricing options depending on the Service you require. In some cases, the final price, and the method of payment for a Service can be negotiated fairly between you and Mesh Music. Please note that where pricing is stated as "Starting From", this does not necessarily represent the final amount, and is used as a guideline only. View the Music Services Page for more details on Rates.


Payment Process


Once all the terms of an agreement have been fulfilled and you are happy with the service, you can begin the purchasing process to fully complete the transaction.


Please read the following carefully, as it outlines the necessary conditions that must be met in order to complete the transaction process.


You must have a PAYPAL account in order to DIGITALLY transfer or receive agreed sums for Products, Services and / or Refunds with / from Mesh Music. 

If you are unable to do this, or do not have access to PAYPAL, an alternative Digital Payment Process will be allocated.


Upon completion of the Agreed Service, you will be sent a secure Payment Link. When you click on the Link, you will be prompted to enter VALID PAYMENT DETAILS.


The Secure Link will then take you through the necessary steps, and once the agreed sum has been successfully received, Mesh Music will immediately grant or release any Product, Service, or Terms of License that was agreed upon, into your possession.



Terms of Delivery for Services and Music Productions


Upon completion of the agreed conditions stated between you and Mesh Music, the relevant Service or Music Production will then be rendered and/ or transferred or released over to you.


Following are some important notes that relate to this service. Please read this carefully before accepting any Terms or Conditions offered by Mesh Music, this should help to clarify any questions that you may have regarding the purchase of any Product or Service offered on this Website. If you have any questions, please contact Mesh Music Here.


When a project is completed, Mesh Music will transfer over to you a final Demo of the Music Production for your project.


The Demo is for you to listen back before purchase, and suggest any improvements or changes you may have before the final release.


The Demo will include the Official Mesh Music Audio Tag embedded into the Recording.

This Tag will be present on all Digital Products transferred to you before purchase, and will feature on all Music Productions and Recording Session files.


This Audio Tag is placed to prevent theft, and unauthorised use or reproduction of the recording.


Where a Demo is sent to you BEFORE you authorise any fees or payments, or BEFORE Transfer of Ownership is explicitly granted, Mesh Music remains the Owner of the Intellectual Property and its Rights.


Any attempt to do any of the following is a violation of the Terms & Conditions set out by Mesh Music and relevant Copyright Law, and may result in liable actions be taken against you, as it relates to Copyright Infringement:

You will NOT:

Make unauthorised copies or reproductions of the Recording

Claim to be the Intellectual Property Rights owner, or holder of the Recording


Attempt to sell the Recording for profitable gain without Licensing Permissions


Use the Recording with the Audio Tag in place for any purpose, or broadcast it publicly without permission from Mesh Music


These measures are in place to protect the Intellectual Property of, and Services Rendered by Mesh Music. For more information about Copyright for this Website and its Services, please also see the Copyright Notice.

Thank you,

Mesh Music.